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Bubbly, which is to say… very serious stuff here.

Can Processing.js work with WordPress? You bet it can my friends! Download a nice plugin like this one ( and you’re ready to go.

Wriggle your mouse around below to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I’d love some non-spam comments re: How fast does this load? Does it work in your browser? etc.??


  1. Scott Murray says:

    Awesome! Runs great, but slows down slightly when I make lots of circles at once. You could try using frameRate() to slow down things a bit to keep it even (like frameRate(30)). Great stuff! Processing.js is amazing, although the main challenge with it is slow implementations of (such as in iOS browsers).

    See more circles on my homepage.

  2. Bet says:

    Beautiful & very fun. Works great too.

  3. Kincade Webb says:

    I love the bubbles! It runs very smoothly on my Mac 1.6 Macbook Air (old one). I would like more red bubbles in the mix. I seem to get mostly the green/blue tints then it can go red toward the end of the life of a bubble.

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